Honda Civic Type R

When it revs, it roars

Your hair will stand on end. Your heart will pound. The new Civic Type R is a wild racecar – tamed for the road.


Passion meets precision

The Civic Type R fuses provocative design with engineering perfection. This is the philosophy of our iconic car.

Side shot of Type R


An i-VTEC TURBO engine



5 colours to choose from

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9.2 out of 10

"Stunning Performance"


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Racing DNA

The Civic Type R is a machine built for one thing, and one thing alone: performance.

After five years in development, we’ve finally built the latest Honda to bear the infamous ‘Type R’ badge. Expect white knuckles – it’s already claimed the title as the world's fastest front-wheel drive production car around the Nurburgring.

A passion for racing

The Type R takes our racing spirit to the streets.

The Type R has always been a special marque in the Honda stable. Inspired by our Formula One success, in 1992 we built the very first Type R: the NSX-R. The success of that car went on to spawn an entire range of sports-tuned Hondas.

The birthmark of performance

Only four Hondas have ever been adorned with the infamous red ‘Type R’ badge – the NSX, Accord, Integra, and the Civic. Each one pushed the boundaries of performance. And this latest thoroughbred is the most extreme in 22 years of these extraordinary machines.

Front shot of Civic Type R
Formula one car on racetrack

The 2015 season sees Honda return to Formula One.

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