The new EU22i Portable inverter generator

Power packed

With the new EU22i you're ready to go. Anywhere 2200 watts, ready to power your adventures, your tools, an event, an emergency, or just to pop the kettle on - wherever you are.


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Designed for life on the move

Honda have been pioneering portable power since 1964, and the first to use inverter technology in a generator. Today, it allow you to take smooth reliable and efficient power to run even the most sensitive modern electronics - wherever you need them.

Power packed. Wherever you need it.

The portable EU22i is perfect for a whole range of tasks, by a whole range of users. In fact, you might just wonder how you ever did without one.

  • Leisure and family tab.


    Whether you’re off with the tent for a wild weekend, or going off-grid around Europe, you cannot beat the freedom of self sufficient power. With an EU22i you can take your comforts far from home. Corporate events, festival/event catering, stallholders, rental/hire.

    RV camping set up in the sunset.
  • Trade and construction


    When even the latest battery-powered tools need recharging, and lighting, tools and equipment needs powering – you need a portable and compact supply you can count on to get the job done. The new EU22i is engineered to meet the demands of the trades. Construction, household/diy.

    RV camping set up in the sunset.
  • Film and location


    Whatever the location, you still need power to let the cameras roll. The Inverter technology that allows the EU22i to be so compact and portable also delivers clean, stable and highly dependable power, ideally suited to creative hardware – and tight deadlines. Film & tv, remote locations, photograph/creative, expeditions.

    RV camping set up in the sunset.
  • Emergency and hire


    PACKED FOR EMERGENCIES Be prepared – wise words indeed. If you’re reliant on power to carry on in the most demanding conditions, you need a generator you can rely on. The EU22i builds on Honda’s solid reputation for durability and now provides up to 2200W to power essential equipment. Emergency services, disaster relief, power cuts, flooding.

    RV camping set up in the sunset.
  • Events and corporate


    PACKED FOR EVENTS When you’re putting on a show you need power that can be seen, not heard. The super-quiet and compact EU22i is perfect for the role, providing reliable and efficient power to keep your customers happy, the lights lit and the tills ringing. Corporate events, festival/event catering, stallholders, rental/hire.

    RV camping set up in the sunset.

Power for Modern Devices

2200 watts of smooth, reliable power for all your kit.

Our inverter technology allows our generators to be super compact and portable - but it's also power you can use for anything. Modern electronics can be damaged by surges or 'spikes' in power, but our EU range smooths the output to safely power the devices you reply on for work or play.

What could you power?

Here are some of the typical appliances you may use in your everyday work and play that you could power using the two sockets, simultaniously.

Just remember, these are just guideline typical power requirements. Please check the actual product rating that you are looking to power, and rememebr that some appliances require great power at startup.

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Good in the long run

A promise is a promise and when we say we'll stick with you all the way - we mean it

When you buy a Honda Generator you get the unrivalled support of domestic or commerical warranty, as long as you stick to the service schedule. It will maintain the same value throughout the warranty period. That means the last day of cover is as good as the first. No matter where you go there'll always be a Honda Dealer happy to help you in the unlikely event anything could go wrong.