Select the right generator for you

Product reference
Rated output
Power Stability
Run Time, up to
Price (inc.VAT)
EU10i - Inverter Technology® - £889.00
EU20i - Inverter Technology® - £1249.00
EU30i - Inverter Technology® - £2949.00
EU30is - Inverter Technology® - £3029.00
EC3600 - standard - £934.80
EC5000 - standard - £1318.80
EG3600 - Digital AVR Output® - £1486.80
EG4500 - Digital AVR Output® - £1738.80
EG5500 - Digital AVR Output® - £2038.80
EM4500S - AVR Output® - £2158.80
EM5500S - AVR Output® - £2638.80
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Please choose more than one product to compare.

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Rated Output

If you are continuously using the generator, Rated output is the maximum power output at which we recommend you use it to allow for power fluctuations in the demand from the devices you have running.

So what is your power requirement? To determine the ideal generator for your needs, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Identify the tools and appliances you intend to operate with your generator
  2. Determine the power requirement for each product (induction-type motors, like those that run sump pumps, refrigerators and compressors, typically require 2-3 times their listed running watts to start.)
  3. Total up the wattage for the products which may be operated simultaneously
  4. Choose a generator with a rated output of at least your total, plus around 10% contingency

For a more detailed description of how to work out your power requirement see our First time buyer’s guide in the Why Honda? section.

Dry Weight

While all Honda Generators are portable by definition, our handy EU range is particularly light and compact, even suitable for carrying around. Many of our larger models include optional or standard wheel kits and a lifting hook for easy movement of the generator from storage to the work site. Consider the options when selecting the right model for your application.

To help you can slide the scale to give you the weight of the generator when it has no fuel and no oil in it.

Power Stability

The Honda range includes some unique technology to give you the smoothest output of power.


Our larger generators are fitted with Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) technology to maintain a constant output voltage, regardless of changes in the equipment load. AVR provides power that is also cleaner than the mains and a must for powering sensitive electronics and computer equipment.


For the purest power output, look for Honda’s unique Inverter technology.
Generated power is passed through a microprocessor that converts power to DC, then back to AC for stable current with a pure sine wave, free of surges or ‘spikes’. Inverter technology ensures safe operation of the latest electronic equipment from computers to the most sophisticated technical equipment.