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Excitement is building.
The new Honda e is nearly ready for drivers, and beneath its striking body is an interior that combines stylish design with technological innovation.

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The clean-sheet design of the new electric car allowed for radical thinking and clever solutions that would ensure both the driver and passengers enjoy the best possible experience when travelling in the Honda e.

Explore the heart of the Honda e for yourself and discover the difference it brings to drivers.

Honda e 3D Tour

Wings of wonder

The Honda e features our innovative Side Camera Mirror System.

This is the first time a car in the compact segment has used such technology, and it brings more benefits than meet the eye.

The cameras are significantly smaller than a traditional wing mirror. It means they create less drag – as much as 90 percent less - improving the car’s ability to slip through the air and reducing the effects of wind noise. 

They’re safer too, because the camera gives a wide viewing angle – displayed on high-definition screens inside the car – and adjusts its image to prevent glare. As a result, the driver gets a better view of their surroundings by reducing blind spot areas. 

There are two views offered, normal and wide, and a water-repellent coating on the lens ensures a clear view whatever the weather.And when it comes to reverse parking, the Side Camera Mirror System even displays guidelines on the screens, making the Honda e a breeze to park.

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A true big-screen experience

Your smartphone, tablet or computer have gained larger screens over time, so why shouldn’t your car? To give the authentic big-screen experience that people are used to, the dashboard of the Honda e features two 12.3-inch touchscreens.

These give both the driver and front-seat passenger control of most of the functions of the Honda e. And demonstrating how Honda believes innovation and safety should go hand-in-hand, a new co-pilot mode means that the front passenger is able to search for information (a charging location using the navigation system, for example) and then swipe it across to the driver’s screen.

And at night, the screens can be dimmed or switched off entirely depending on your preference.

Getting to know you

The new Honda Automated Network Assistant’ (HANA) is a virtual assistant that can understand what a driver says and learn from their day-to-day driving habits to help in everyday situations, from plotting a driving route that includes a stopover at your favourite coffee shop to scheduling appointments in your diary. 

Regeneration at your fingertips

It couldn’t be simpler to adjust the level of regeneration that the electric motor provides to the battery of the Honda e. Just lift a finger or two from the steering wheel and pull at one of the two paddles located just behind the wheel.

This ensures that the electric motor harvests energy that would otherwise go to waste, slowing the car more or less gently depending on your needs. 

Alternatively, let the Honda e recuperate energy for you. The electric car features an automatic energy recuperation system, which uses the cameras and sensors to monitor traffic conditions ahead and adjust the level of energy regeneration accordingly.

In pursuit of the perfect pedal

You might wonder how Honda engineers could find room for improvement with a car’s pedals. With the new Honda e, they have introduced a new system called Single Pedal Control.

It allows the driver to accelerate and slow down using only one pedal – push your foot down to go and release it to slow – as well as regenerate energy for the battery.

A brake pedal is still present, but there’s no doubt that the Honda e is an electric car that offers a new and exciting driving experience.

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Take a seat and make yourself at home

As an electric car for urban environments, albeit one with the ability to venture beyond city limits, the Honda e is compact. In fact, at 3.89 metres, it’s not much longer than a Honda Jazz. Yet the doors open extra wide, making it easy for you to get in and out.

The interior is designed to capture the aesthetic of a modern living room, hence the flat-screen-like large screens, sofa-like chairs and lounge-like wood-effect trim. Many of the materials chosen for the Honda e are recycled, too. 

There are four seats, and because of the car’s flat floor, four people can stretch out in comfort.

The Honda e Prototype had its first dynamic drive at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed and will be proudly on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, so check back for more details soon.