Hybrid powertrain

The ZR-V offers a sporty, full hybrid experience that combines agility with comfort and advanced technology, to enhance the driving experience. It uses Honda’s e:HEV technology and produces a maximum power of 184ps delivering a maximum torque of 315 Nm. However, being a full hybrid, it can run entirely on silent, electric power when needed. There are selectable modes to choose from such as Sport and Econ allowing you to customise your driving experience to suit you.

Blue ZR-V on mountain way

Smooth handling

The ZR-V delivers the power and torque you need when you need it in both urban and rural environments. With four distinct drive modes to choose from – Sport, Normal, Econ and Snow – it changes the vehicle set-up as desired to provide the optimum performance, traction and efficiency required for the road conditions.

Drive mode switch on ZR-V
Half view of ZR-V parked

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