Side facing view of Honda E charging in garage location.
Side facing view of Honda E charging in garage location.



For complete compatibility and total peace of mind, you can trust the Honda Power Charger, along with a range of Honda charging accessories, to assist you when connecting to a power supply.


Hook up with Honda

Why you should power up with e:PROGRESS and the Honda Power Charger.

Making life simple for our customers isn’t just about the way we build our cars. That’s why we’ve launched e:PROGRESS – a new Honda brand created entirely for the Honda e. It provides a home-charging point installation service and greater energy savings with the minimum hassle. The AI-driven software connects your smart charger to a flexible green electricity tariff – allowing you to enjoy your Honda e knowing that you’re using lower CO2 energy and saving money.

Fast and reliable

Our unique 7.4kW Honda Power Charger allows you to charge your Honda e to 100% capacity in just 4.1 hours*, assuming a 32-amp supply, which is significantly faster than through a standard wall socket. The Honda e receives optimal charge with an AC home con­nection. And if an error occurs, the auto-recovery function, after a quick safety check, will try to resume the charging session when all the safety preconditions have been fulfilled.

* Duration calculated from appearance of charge request lamp on dashboard.

Easy and convenient

The Honda Power Charger is finished in a semi-transparent housing, which includes an LED status bar to indicate the current mode, plus a digital display showing the amount of used energy. When the cable is connected correctly, it locks on both sides for maximum safety.

Extra safety

The Honda Power Charger incorporates a Direct Current leakage detector that works with the less expensive RCD type A household electrical connection. It’s also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Model demonstrating contactless card for charger use.

Introducing e:PROGRESS, an innovative and intelligent new way of charging your Honda e.

Model demonstrating contactless card for charger use.

With the Honda Power Charger – and if you have a company vehicle – you can bill the company or the leasing company for charging at home. Thanks to the optional and approved MID or M&E-certified meter system.

Safe at home

As well as being easy to use, the Honda Power Charger was designed for simple integration with today’s most popular smart home technologies. Thanks to UDP, Modbus TCP and an input switch, it can easily connect with the technology at the heart of many homes.

Better protection

With a Honda Power Charger connected through a reliable Modbus system, the charger can check the total power consump­tion of your household.

In simple terms, the charger reg­ulates the charging of the Honda e depending on the current consumption, reducing the risk of overloading your electrical home connection.

Close up of Honda Power Charger at charging station.


There are three to choose from.

Honda Power Charger

This offers a charging capacity of up to 22kW for faster home charging. Up to 22kW three phase / 7,4kW single phase.

Honda Power Charger S

In addition to the Honda Power Charger, this charger features intelligent charging, the ability to set user permissions and smart home integration via UDP.

Honda Power Charger S+

This top-spec charger has all the features of the other two but offers e-mobility solutions such as local load management with the Power Charger S+ as a communications hub or with an external energy meter via Modbus TCP.

*Functionalities described depend on the version chosen.

Close up of the Honda Power Charger S+.

The Charger shown is the Honda Power Charger S+. All three chargers come with or without shutters depending on legislations for different countries.

Model demonstrating My Honda+ App that sends updates on charging status.

Using the My Honda+ app, the Honda e will send you updates on charging status.

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