Charging options

You can charge your plug-in hybrid on your driveway or on the go. There are a variety of charging options available to you.

Fast charging

When using a public AC charging station, it can take approximately 2.5 hours to charge the 17.7kWh battery from 0-100% using the a 6.8kW AC charger.+

Close up of Honda Power Charger with CR-V Hybrid.

Home charging

When using a domestic home socket at a charging capacity of 2.3kW per hour, the CR-Vs battery will take approximately 7.7 hours to fully charge.+

Close up of Honda Power Charger with CR-V Hybrid.

Remote charging via smartphone

You can schedule a regular charging routine for your CR-V remotely via the My Honda+ App. The app also lets you check charging status, remaining charge amount, driving range and how much fuel you have – all remotely from your smartphone.

Close up of model using My Honda+ app.
Front three-quarter facing Honda CR-V Hybrid driving in mountain location.

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