Honda hybrid performance

The intelligent Honda hybrid powertrain, married to a 2L petrol engine, gives the CR-V 184ps of max power, generating 335 Nm of torque. It means this large SUV can achieve a smooth acceleration of 0-60 mph from 9 seconds.

Powertrain Options

You can now choose between a full hybrid and plug-in version of the new CR-V.

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e:HEV Full Hybrid

The CR-V full hybrid comes with our e:HEV powertrain. It self-charges and can achieve a driving range of 596 miles on a full tank. The efficient powertrain also means a combined fuel economy of 5.9 litres per 100km while CO2 emissions start from as low as 110g/km.* Our powerful and efficient e:HEV powertrain delivers exceptional drivability and features two electric motors and three engine modes – Electric, Hybrid and Engine Drive. Ensuring optimum fuel economy and peace of mind for long distances.

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e:PHEV Plug-in Hybrid

The CR-V plug-in hybrid comes with our e:PHEV powertrain and a larger battery which supports a longer range. Select EV mode and the e:PHEV can deliver a pure electric emission free driving range of 50 miles. And when the battery runs low, the powerful 2L petrol engine starts powering the electric motor. The efficient powertrain also has a fuel economy of 0.8litres per 100km, while weighted CO2 emissions start at an ultra-low 18g/km (WLTP data).

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Smooth handling

The new CR-V delivers the power and torque you need when you need it – in both urban and rural environments. With 4 distinct drive modes to choose from – Sport, Normal, Econ and Snow – it changes the vehicle set-up to provide the optimum performance, traction and efficiency required for the road conditions. The Hill Decent Control feature helps you travel slowly downhill at a constant speed without the need to brake.

There’s also an additional Tow Mode on the plug-in hybrid to help with charge management when pulling a trailer weight of up to 1500Kg.

Switch for smooth handling

Learn about CR-V hybrid powertrains

Discover more about what gives the CR-V a dynamic yet efficient driving experience.


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