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Feel the rush

Carving lines

Honda CBR650R
Honda CBR650R

New 2019 CBR650R



Hungry for fun

A fine looking four-cylinder motorcycle with the added finesse of a sleek fairing, it’s compact, light and a real blast to ride anywhere.

Super Sport Style

This middleweight motorcycle has a real thirst for action.

One quick glance gives away its true purpose – from headlight to taillight it looks agile and fast. The CBR650F just can’t hide its desire to perform and will take riding enjoyment to a level you never thought possible. It can provide you with comfortable, everyday performance when you want it, but you’ll also find this free-revving bike is eager to satisfy the irresistible urge to just let it go on an empty, open road.

Close up shot of Honda CBR650F dials.
Rear three-quarter close up shot of Honda CBR650F rear lights.
Side shot of rider on Honda CBR650F in a tunnel.
Close up of Honda CBR650F logo.

Super Sport or Street

Whichever you choose, you’ll be riding a 650cc machine that really packs a punch.

Side shot of Honda CBR650F. CBR650F A middleweight Super Sport style motorcycle with a sleek, aerodynamic fairing and specially designed air ducts. Underneath is a 649cc, DOHC inline, four-cylinder engine and a new 6-speed short ratio gearbox. Comes with LED lights, two-channel ABS and 41mm SDBV telescopic fork. (Kerb weight 213kg)
Side shot of Honda CB650F. CB650F A middleweight Naked Street style motorcycle (Kerb weight 208kg) with a 649cc, DOHC inline, four-cylinder engine, new 6-speed short ratio gearbox, LED lights, two-channel ABS and 41mm SDBV telescopic fork.

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Complete control

Pin-point and precise suspension means sharper handling.

Front facing shot of Honda CBR650F.

Front fork

The CBR650F has a 41mm Dual Bending Valve type fork that provides excellent control. Incorporating a free valve structure that progressively increases the amount of damping according to the road conditions – there is no limit to how much the compression damping can be reinforced. This simple, innovative technology – a world first – delivers superior performance levels that are equivalent to cartridge type suspension units, but in a lighter package.

Rear shock

Underneath the seat is housed a single-tube, monoshock suspension unit with 7-stage spring preload adjustment. It works directly on the neatly curved, gravity die-cast – for stability and strength – aluminium swingarm.

Close up of Honda CBR650F fork cap.

Eye-catching fork caps are finished in Alumite.

Primed for action

Feel and hear the power from one corner to another.

Front three-quarter facing shot of rider on Honda CBR650F.

Light to the touch the CBR650F is a delight to ride, especially when you’re miles away from the city.

The CBR650F’s engine develops 67kW @ 11,000rpm and 3kW more than the previous model, it’s an increase you can really feel above 5000 rpm. This is down to a new intake and completely redesigned, 4 into 1 exhaust system. Together with a dual-pass muffler to reduce back-pressure, it delivers a raucous growl when you wind on the throttle. Drive it out of a corner and accelerate through the stacked six-speed gearbox and you get hard acceleration with the short gear ratios - more noticeable in the bike's mid-range.

Sharp, sure and confident

The CBR650F is built around a steel diamond frame, which incorporates twin 64mm x 30mm elliptical spars. It provides you with excellent rigidity and balance that’s specifically tuned to deliver real-world handling for the road. A rake of 25.5° with trail of 101mm and wheelbase of 1,450mm gives a good combination of straight line stability with light and exciting turning ability.

Side shot of Honda CBR650F.
Close up of Honda CBR650F exhaust.

As you accelerate you’ll hear the roar through the sinuous, 4 into 1 exhaust system.