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No Restrictions

The CBR500R packs our reliable inline-twin 500cc engine – but combines aggressive body styling and enhanced tuning to deliver an extra rush of racing performance. And what's more, it's available with just an A2 licence.


Infused with sports performance


Modified aerodynamics, race-tuned power – the CBR500R takes its engine class to the next level.

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Racing in the bloodline

The CBR500R inherits sharp styling and performance tuning from the Fireblade.

As a result, the CBR500R's cutting profile boasts aggressive road presence and improved aerodynamic styling. But it's not just looks – the 500cc water-cooled parallel twin engine has been tweaked to release a steady burst of power, the transmission has sportier gear ratios, and the suspension has been tuned for a tighter, more agile feel on the road.

CB5R00R being ridden around a corner

Own the road

A2 licence holders will feel a tingle of excitement stepping up to the CBR500R.

front view of CBR500R

It holds its own on the road amongst other larger category bikes, so the CBR500R is also an attractive and affordable alternative for more established riders who still want that ‘big bike’ experience. The ride benefits from sporty character and cutting edge features that deliver an instant connection between rider and road.

Go the distance

The CBR500R's sleek and sporty bodywork doesn't just catch admiring glances, its nimble form also helps you weave through city traffic with ease. The aggressive design extends to the new side cover and larger capacity fuel tank – so you can cruise even farther than before.

angled side view of CBR500R
CBR500R being ridden around a bend

Earn your stripes

Choose between the CBR500R's choice of three powerful new paint jobs.

Millennium Red, Ross White, Graphite Black – each of the CBR500R's paintwork options come with colour-matching wheel arches, wheel stickers, and are available with optional striped decals that complete the street racing look. All paired with the rugged new bronze engine case – the CBR500R has never looked so good.

Side view of Millenium Red CBR500R freestanding on plain background
CBR500R bronze engine case

Exposed power

The CBR500R's flowing bodywork reveals the bronze engine case.

rider in orange race uniform

To race, compete, and win – we labour in the MotoGP garage, tirelessly developing and testing new racing technology.

From the Fireblade to the CBR300 – we apply this hard-earned racing tech to our road-going motorcycles. So whether you're on the morning commute or a weekend cruise, you benefit from revolutionary engineering forged by MototGP Constructors Champions, wielded by Championship-winning riders.

CBR500R being ridden around bend on a race track