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Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

Time to take control

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Take riding to the next level

Underneath the skin of the new, sharper looking Fireblade is a unique assembly of the finest components you’ll ever find on a sports bike.

Defining features

A motorcycle built for sport as well as real-world riding.

The new CBR1000RR Fireblade has less weight, more power and advanced electronics – more than any previous Fireblade – that deliver outstanding performance wherever you ride.

Shot of bike going round corner on track

A rider's motorcycle

Fully equipped for the road and the track.

One of the CBR1000RR’s many outstanding features are the three selectable riding modes so you can program the machine to suit different conditions. It can be tuned to be comfortable and easy-going when you want it to be, yet feed the need for exhilarating action when adrenalin demands it.

Close up shot of Honda CBR1000RR key and petrol tank.
Close up shot of Honda CBR1000RR shot of headlights.
Side shot of rider on bike on a race track
Shot of rear light

All powerful

There are three 'blades; it’s an impressive trio.

Side shot of Honda CBR1000RR. CBR1000RR Fireblade Equipped with Selectable Torque Control (with built-in Wheelie and Rear Lift Control), Selectable Engine Brake, new ABS brakes, an optional Quickshifter with Downshift Assist, Riding Mode Select System, Power Selector and fully adjustable Showa suspension.
Side shot of Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP. CBR1000RR Fireblade SP Equipped with semi-active Öhlins Step motor-type Electronic Control suspension, plus Honda Selectable Torque Control, Wheelie Control, Rear Lift Control, Selectable Engine Brake, new ABS, Quickshifter (with Downshift Assist), Riding Mode Select System and Power Selector. RC213V-S MotoGP derived technology elevates the riding experience even further.
Side shot of Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2. CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2 A road legal homologation special, the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2 is ready for race use with Marchesini wheels. The engine has a revised cylinder head: valves, combustion chambers and pistons – Racing Kits are available.

Explore the SP and SP2

Lighter, slimmer and faster

We’ve shaved weight from everywhere.

Front three-quarter facing Honda CBR1000RR with rider on race track.

Aerodynamically perfect, just tuck yourself into it and ride. The Fireblade feels completely stable at high speed on the straight, as well as those fast, sweeping corners.

The body

We looked at every inch of the body to make it lean and sharp, but it wasn’t just for looks; it’s much more aerodynamic too. The new body manages the airflow into, and around the machine. Even the surface angle of the headlights and the contouring of their side slits are designed to support stability at speed.

The frame

The all-aluminium, hollow die-cast frame has been thinned without sacrificing strength to achieve 500g saving from previous Fireblade. Focussed on mass centralisation, this significantly improves rigidity, stability, feel and steering response.

Rear three-quarter facing Honda CBR1000RR on stand in workshop.

The Pro-link swing arm and sub-frame has had the thickness of the structure altered to lose more kilos. A track day is the perfect place feel the difference.

Honda CBR1000RR 2018 model


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