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Side on, right-facing black Honda CBF1000F.


Endless enjoyment

Smooth mid-range power.

The CBF1000F’s powerhouse is based on the race-proven inline-four engine in the Fireblade, tuned with less top-end, for more user-friendly torque and mid-range power. A perfect blend of town, and storming out of town, performance.

Accessible power

Real world thrills and confident control.

The CBF1000F places a huge emphasis on enjoyment, offering full-blooded performance in an accessible and easily manageable package. From the moment you ride it, you’ll feel fully in control of the responsive, smooth and rider friendly inline-4 engine.

It’s got a three-stage adjustable seat, so you can find the perfect position to suit your riding style, and a four-stage adjustable windscreen for a quieter ride. For super-safe stops, there’s Combined ABS brakes. 

Black Honda CBF1000F motorbike, tilted front-threequarter view with rider. Left-facing (Road location).

There's more than one

The CBF1000F comes in two versions.

CBF1000F Smooth mid-range power. £9,599
CBF1000F GT With colour-matched Top Box and Pannier set, 3 Stage Heated Grips, Matt Black Lower Fairing and TomTom Rider as standard. £10,299

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Be better equipped

Genuine Honda Accessories are not only a great fit, they look great too.

The CBF1000F comes well-equipped as it is, though you may choose to add a few more items to make the ride even more of a pleasure. For touring, there’s a colour-matching top box and pannier set. Or if you’re in town, add an Averto Alarm kit and park with total peace of mind.

Honda CB1000Fmotorbike side-on view, parked with rider standing beside bike. right-facing (Bridge location).