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Side on, right-facing tricolour CRF450RE.


Competition Enduro bike

Competitive Enduro package

Built for those riders wanting to ride from door to dirt and beyond, the CRF250RE is set to be the competitive enduro rider’s bike of choice. Based on the potent CRF250RE, it’s equipped to be road legal* without losing any of the CRF250RE’s punchy characteristics.

* The CRF250RE is a Road Legal off-road model, suitable for minor/limited road use only. Extended road use may invalidate warranty.




The CRF250RE has been equipped as a hard hitting competitive enduro machine for limited road use and extended riding time with a lighting kit (without indicators), digital speedo, side stand, road legal tyres and slip-on twin pipes. Hand guards provide protection for when blasting through narrow trails and woodland scrub. It comes with a V55/1 to allow it to be registered for road use.

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Razor Sharp

Power and control.

The CRF250RE takes control of punishing terrain with its combination of super reactive 48mm Showa air front forks and the compact steering damper that provides aggressive steering geometry without giving up anything in high-speed handling. Whether the conditions be slick and wet or dry and grippy, power delivery from the fuel injected motor can be tuned via the 3-way handlebar mounted Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) making it simple to suit the conditions and rider’s preference in any given riding scenario.

Air play

A track will change throughout the day. Superior Showa adjustability and quality allows optimised performance.

Red CRF250R motorbike front-on view.

The Separate Front Function AIR (forks) with Triple Air Chamber (SFF-AIR-TAC) front suspension has been developed for the CRF250RE by Showa and saves 1.3kg from up sprung weight. The fully adjustable right fork leg controls both compression and rebound damping force while the left leg compresses air using a damper-less structure achieving controlled balance, accurate tracking and super-fast reaction over bumps. Three chambers in the left leg manage ‘spring’ rate: the Balance chamber operates at low speed, the Inner chamber is responsible for the mid-range stroke and the Outer Cylinder chamber is used near full compression.



CRF250R aluminium twin-beam frame in action.

Airborne agility is thanks in part to the aluminium twin-beam frame that keeps weight distribution low and neutral.

CRF250R air adjuster.

Easy access to the air adjuster allows quick and precise adjustments in the paddock.