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Montesa Cota 4RT


Cota 4RT

Revolution on two wheels.

The Montesa Honda Cota 4RT began a revolution in the trials arena since its introduction in 2006, bringing the environmental benefits of four-stroke technology, along with strong power and torque delivery, to a world previously dominated by two-stroke machinery.

*Headlight is not available on the UK spec and is only used for illustration purposes.

Step up

The journey goes on.

When things start to get more competitive, you need a bike that can step up with you. That’s where the new Cota 4RT260 comes in. Featuring a brand new exterior with white, red and blue detail, it feels sportier than ever before. The tech fork has been fitted with a chromed tube and a black leg, whilst the 260cc engine has improved traction and engine braking that’s been further minimised to make it feel even lighter.

Front-threequarter view of Cota 4RT

*Headlight is not available on the UK spec and is only used for illustration purposes. 

More choice

Honda (UK) has announced two new 2017 versions of the Montesa Honda Cota 4RT trials machines.

Cota 4RT260 World performance, superior quality and proven reliability.
Cota 4RT Factory Race Replica For more demanding customers that seek the highest quality product, the Cota Race Replica offers the exclusiveness of its superior equipment as well as the image of the motorcycle that dominates the world championships.

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