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Lose yourself

With agile handling and a relaxed, upright riding position, the CB500X effortlessly conquers any terrain. So whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or touring uncharted territory, find the escape you're looking for – all with just an A2 licence.


Go further


Weave through city traffic, on to the motorway, then out to the unknown.

Side facing Honda CB500X.



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New horizons

There are always new places to go, new things to see – grab your helmet and ride.

The CB500X is home to a liquid-cooled 500cc parallel twin engine that makes both a great everyday commuter and weekend adventurer. Its rugged style is built for the rigours of the open road – and with top fuel economy and agile handling, you'll be free to notch up the miles down country tracks, around new cities, and wherever the road may take you.

CB500X being ridden through a tunnel

Built for on and off-road

Take your CB500X everywhere and anywhere.

Front facing Honda CB500X, mountain road.

Specially designed for comfortable riding on long day trips and weekend touring, the new CB500X is equipped with longer travel front suspension than before, so you can take on rough country roads and cobbled city streets with ease. Not only that, but the the windscreen has been extended by about 100mm as well – helping shelter you from the elements.

Nothing can hold you back

When the road ahead is as long as the eye can see, the CB500X's larger capacity fuel tank and top-notch fuel economy helps you cruise even farther than before – with maximum efficiency, too.

Side facing Honda CB500X studio shot.

Style your ride

Choose between the CB500X's choice of powerful new paint jobs.

Each of the CB500X's rugged colours come with side panel graphics that add to the sense of adventure.

Side facing Honda CB500X, studio shot.
Close up of Honda CB500X.