The Honda CB125F

Welcome To Freedom

welcome to freedom

The escape you crave, right at your fingertips.

Bring your world to life as you pull back the throttle and set off through the streets. You’re fast. You’re nimble. You’re in total control. The smart acceleration from the punchy, single-cylinder engine fills you with an overwhelming sense of freedom. You can go anywhere, anytime. You never have to miss a moment. This is your key to the city. This is the new CB125F.

Side on, right facing CB125F in Pearl Twinkle Yellow on road (urban location)

street smart

Seize the moment in style.

The new CB125F inspires excitement at every opportunity. It’s an agile and responsive street machine, fully loaded with aggressive, naked styling that’s sure to make a statement. Move with freedom as the effortless steering and aluminium wheels help you glide through the streets with ease, making riding a pleasure for both work and play. Escape the traffic and unlock the full potential of the city.

Rear three-quarter, right facing CB125F in Pearl Twinkle Yellow on road (night time urban location)

the power to take on the city

The new CB125F keeps you ahead of the game.

Side on, right facing CB125F in Pearl Twinkle Yellow parked (urban location)

Its tough, air-cooled OHC 2-valve, five-speed PGM-FI fuel-injected engine is super efficient, delivering 51.3km/l (WMTC mode) and a tank range of over 600km. Strong low and mid-range torque enable smart acceleration from a standing or rolling start, while the dedicated counter balancer shaft ensures minimal vibration. The new steel frame, telescopic front forks and twin rear shocks provide a perfect balance between straight stability and cornering feedback. When it gets really tight, the slim body, feather light 126kg kerb weight and wide handlebars – with 45° lock left and right – make manoeuvring easy.

Close up of CB125F telescopic wheel fork

Twin rear shocks deliver stable handling, giving you the freedom to be more confident in the corners.

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