In 1969, Honda introduced the first CB750. A legendary Sportsbike born out of racing that would eventually inspire the Honda Streetfighter bikes of today. 


To celebrate this iconic motorcycle, and the legends it inspired, we’ve created a limited edition poster. Download your copy before it’s too late. Or read on to learn more about the CB series. 


But it’s a good place to start.

In 1965 Honda introduced the CB450 Dream, The CB450 was Honda’s first ‘big’ bike, featuring a 444cc dual cylinder overhead cam engine producing around 45 horsepower. Despite the CB450 offering superior performance to its 650cc counterparts, Honda knew they could do better.

First of its kind

A motorcycle made by every win.

In 1966, after winning five consecutive championship Grand Prix titles, Honda withdrew from the world GP circuit to focus on developing high performance consumer machines. Armed with the knowledge they’d gained from the track and the production of the CB450, Honda got to work on a machine that would redefine a category: the CB750.


Introducing the Honda CB750

When the CB750 was launched in 1969, it featured a four cylinder transverse engine with a single overhead camshaft and a front disc brake, neither of which was previously available on a mainstream, affordable, production motorcycle. With its 120mph top speed, fade-free braking, comfortable ride, and excellent instrumentation, the term ‘Superbike’ was coined to describe it.


Inspired by the legends that came before.

47 years later, the spirit of the CB750 lives on in the CB1100 RS and CB1100 EX. The CB1100 RS brings café racer attitude with sharper chassis geometry, 17-inch cast aluminium wheels and dual radial-mount four-piston brake calipers. Coupled with its new Showa dual bending valve 43mm fork for improved ride quality and sporty feel, the CB1100 RS offers the ultimate combination of style and substance.  

Or for those who prefer a more classic experience, the CB1100 EX is a motorcycle as motorcycles used to be. Whether you’re taking on the city or heading out on the open road, the CB1100 EX’s air and oil-cooled 1,140cc DOHC inline four-cylinder engine is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.