Miimo lawnmower in garden location.
Miimo lawnmower in garden location.


We’ll be extending our 2-year warranty when you buy Miimo, to 5 years. That’s an extra 3 years’ peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy a greener looking lawn with no worries. But don't get too relaxed, the offer ends 31st December 2019!

For the perfect lawn it's the finest in its field


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The extra value of a longer warranty, at no extra cost.

Miimo, our clever robotic mower will look after your lawn, while we look after Miimo.

Growing Confidence

When it comes to quality, there can be no shortcuts.

The confidence to treat your lawn to what it’s always wanted. Now, with a 5-year warranty, we can guarantee trouble-free mowing the Miimo way.

With 40 years’ experience behind us, our Lawn and Garden products are renowned for their quality and reliability all over the world. We never stop looking for new ideas and we’re constantly thinking of new innovations to help make your life easier. Isn’t that worth thinking about when you buy a new Honda Miimo mower?

Miimo comes with its own unique docking and charging station. Built to last with a superior finish that’s second to none...Honda quality is plain to see.

Miimo in action

Sit back, relax and watch how Miimo can make life much easier for you. And, if you decide to buy one, then the next 5 years will be completely trouble-free.

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Choose your Miimo

Show your lawn how much you love it.

There are three different Miimos to choose from: The Miimo 310 for a lawn up to 1,500 sq. m, the Miimo 520 for a lawn up to 3,000 sq.m, and the daddy of them all, the Miimo 3000, that cuts up to 4000 sq.m – it can be also be controlled from your smart phone.