Electric powertrain

Incorporating Honda’s latest electric powertrain, the e:Ny1 delivers exceptional drivability. The electric motor produces around 204ps of power generating 310 Nm of torque, which means the e:Ny1 can accelerate from standstill to 60 mph in just 7.6 seconds. The regenerative braking system also helps top up the battery and extend its electric range.

Front facing Honda e:Ny1 driving down the road in a mountainous location.

Smooth handling

With three distinct driving modes to choose from, Econ, Normal and Sport, you can select the right balance of power, efficiency, and handling for your journey. From sweeping country roads to long motorway stretches and tight city centres, the e:Ny1 has the agility and performance to tackle them all.

Front facing Honda e:Ny1 driving down the road in a country location.

Quieter cabin

Our holistic approach to managing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) focuses on achieving exceptional interior refinement, even on cobbled European city centre streets. With increased cabin insulation and added insulators in the wheelhouses, there’s less high frequency road noise, making every journey quiet and relaxed.

Couple driving the Honda e:Ny1 in the country.