Panoramic glass roof†

The spacious interior is accentuated by a large panoramic glass roof, making the cabin more open and inviting for both driver and passengers.

†Selected grades only.

Child laying on the back seat with mother stands in the window of Honda e:Ny1.

Uncluttered dash

Inside the e:Ny1, an uncluttered, flat instrument panel provides the widest field of view while keeping every essential control within fingertip distance.

Full view of interior dash with woman seen through the front window.

Seat design

Our ergonomically designed seats will make sure you arrive refreshed however long your journey. The upholstery comes in light grey or black eco-friendly synthetic leather, depending on the model. It features a beautifully crafted dynamic quilting design with contrasting details and an active blue stitching accent. The driver seat has 8-way electrical adjustment for complete comfort on any journey.

Close up of the Honda e:Ny1 seat recline ffunction.

Ambient lighting

As daylight fades, your e:Ny1’s blue accented ambient lights across the dash, door and footwell fills the cabin with soft lighting, creating a futuristic feel.

Illuminated interior on the Honda e:Ny1 at night with model outside the window.

Ample boot space

A compact family SUV, the e:Ny1 provides a flexible and practical space that adapts as you need it to. It has a spacious 361 litre cargo area that can expand up to 1,176 litres with the seats down. You also get a dedicated space for charging cables underneath the boot floor.

Father speaking to child sitting in the Boot of the Honda e:Ny1.

Heated seats and steering wheel

On cold winter days, enjoy heated front seats for ultimate comfort. Additionally, experience premium comfort with a heated steering wheel on selected grades. It makes every drive feel luxurious – especially on colder days.

Female reclining in the driver seat of the Honda e:NY1.

Easy access ISO FIX points

With easily accessible ISO FIX fittings (I-SIZE) across the back seats, and ample space for both forward and rear facing seats, you can ensure your child is always comfortable and secure.

Close up of the rear seat in the Honda e:Ny1 with child walking past open door carrying balloons.
Close up of Honda e:Ny1 interior infotainment system.

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