A smart and sophisticated family SUV. The styling of the e:Ny1 combines dynamics with functionality. The simple, grille-less front, sleek headlights, uninterrupted rear LED tail lights and sequential indicators – all give the new e:Ny1 a unique, sophisticated character.

Model standing next to illuminated rear of the Honda e:Ny1 at night.

Hidden charging port

The panel in the front of the car retracts to reveal the charging port, placed so for easy access. The panel can be opened manually at the touch of a button or with the smart key.

Close up of the Honda e:Ny1 hidden charging port.

New H badge

The white Honda H badge on the steering wheel and the alloys, a new mark for our electrical future, sets the e:Ny1 apart. At the back, a new Honda logo appears in place of the traditional badge.

Close up of parked front facing Honda e:Ny1.

Parking aids

With parking sensors at the front and back, plus a rear-view camera as standard, the e:Ny1 is an easy to park SUV. Top grades come equipped with Honda Parking Pilot, which can detect the nearest viable parking space and park the car for you.

Parked rear facing Honda e:Ny1 with man walking past.

Smart headlights

With Adaptive Driving Beam, the e:Ny1 automatically adjusts the light distributions of the headlight beams in order to reduce glare for other drivers. Plus, its High Beam Support System uses its camera to monitor the space ahead, then automatically controls the high beam when necessary to avoid dazzling oncoming cars or pedestrians. And with LED front fog and turn lights, you’ll be safe on the road whatever the weather.

Couple walking past a parked Front facing Honda e:Ny1 with lights on at night.
Illuminated interior on the Honda e:Ny1 at night with model outside the window.