Charging options

You can charge your e:Ny1 overnight on your driveway or charge on the go. There are a variety of charging options available to you.

Family standing next to Front facing Honda e:Ny1 parked outside house.

Fast charging

When using a 100kW direct current (DC) fast-charger station and plugged into the cars fast charge CCS (Combined Charging System) port, the e:Ny1’s powerful yet compact 68.8kWh battery can top up to a 60 mile charge in just 11 minutes and charge up to 10-80% in approximately 45 minutes.*

Close up of the Honda e:Ny1 hidden charging port.

Normal charging

When using a public AC charging station, it can take approximately 6 hours to charge the 68kWh battery from 10-80% using an 11kW AC charger.*

Family playing on driveway next to Honda e:Ny1 charging in the driveway.

Charging via smartphone

With the My Honda+ app you can check how much charge is left in your e:Ny1, set up a regular charging schedule and access other stats – all via your smartphone.

Man walking next to front facing Honda e:Ny1 plugged in and charging.