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Honda CR-V Design

Smarter, sleeker, roomier

Well equipped and well thought out. Everything is right where you want it.


A striking new CR-V.

Rear facing Honda CR-V.

A step up in style. A step up in technology. And a step up in comfort. The CR-V is now better than ever, inside and out.

Relax behind the wheel

The CR-V's spacious interior creates a quiet, calming space.

Close up of Honda CR-V seat.

This relaxed ambience makes it a pleasure to travel in for driver and passengers alike. Up front you’ll enjoy the elevated seating position, with generous legroom and high quality materials throughout the car.

All you need to know

The intelligent-Multi Information Display (i-MID) screen keeps you right up with the play, wherever your journey takes you. It’s effortless to use, with controls located on the steering wheel. This, together with the new Honda CONNECT touchscreen entertainment system, puts you in total control.


Close up of Honda CR-V dials.

Press the ECON button − and when you drive economically, the speedometer glows green.

Front three-quarter view of Honda CR-V interior.

Acres of space

Room for even more.

Creating more space is just one motion away, as our fold-flat seats drop smoothly away with one pull of a convenient lever. And with some optional grades, the addition of a tailgate that opens and closes automatically means having your arms full with the daily shop is no longer a problem. We’ve also ensured a generous boot capacity to give you enough room to store three big suitcases.

Close up of Honda CR-V interior.

Stand out design

Honda engineers have put some serious thought into redesigning the exterior of the CR-V.

We’ve reshaped the grille, re-sculpted and integrated the headlights, and added smart new alloys. The car’s fluid lines have been carefully reworked to create a sleek, dynamic profile that channels airflow more efficiently for better fuel economy.

Front facing Honda CR-V.
Front three-quarter facing Honda CR-V with LED lights.

You’ll notice some nice new touches like the chrome garnish and rear skid plate that give the CR-V an extra dash of street style. And the curved edges of the door mirrors harmonise with the overall design, as well as reducing blind spots around the car.

Rear three-quarter Honda CR-V. City location.

Look the part

Make your CR-V stand out – just the way you want. Bright and bold or dark and sophisticated, solid colour or metallic – pick the shade that makes a statement.

Choose a colour for your new CR-V

Crystal Black Pearl

Side facing Honda CR-V.

Make yourselves comfy

Your passengers won't want the ride to end.

Luxurious rear seats – complete with a reclining backrest and curved door linings – create a roomier feel. Premium upholstery and auto climate controls the temperature for the front and back so that everyone feels even more looked after.

The way you like it

Power lumbar support in the driver and passenger seats can be adjusted for overall comfort as you go along, while the driver seat’s electronic memory records two programmable settings.

Interior: birds-eye-view of interior, seats and cockpit.

A beautiful sense of closure

Just one push and the CR-V helps carry the load.

Close up of Honda CR-V rear camera.

A rear camera takes the guess work out of parking.

One touch tailgate

The CR-V’s innovative powered tailgate makes life a whole lot easier. A single press of a button on the key fob or from the interior is all it takes to get instant access to the CR-V’s class leading space. Another push of the button and the door smoothly and securely closes down again – perfect when you’ve got your hands full. (Only available in top grade.)

Perfect parking

Think a car this size is difficult to park? Think again. A rear camera helps you see just what’s happening at the back, which is great for easing into those tight parking spots. And the passenger wing mirror tilts slightly when you reverse, giving you a better kerb-side view.

At the rear, the LED combination lamps have been restyled to give the CR-V a more fluid, three-dimensional appearance.

Rear facing Honda CR-V.
Close up of Honda CR-V tailgate.

With a single press of a button you get instant access to the CR-V’s class leading space.

Fuel economy figures are sourced from official EU-regulated laboratory test results, these are provided for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving experience.

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