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Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Clarity Fuel Cell

Last year’s Geneva Motor Show showcased the Clarity Fuel Cell’s European debut. It’s the first production saloon to house the entire fuel cell powertrain under the bonnet – an innovative example of Honda’s “man maximum, machine minimum” principle.


Clarity Fuel Cell

The Clarity Fuel Cell incorporates our best thinking about moving away from fossil fuels, offering a roomy and responsive sedan that delivers 385 miles on a 3-minute fill-up.

Small stack, big performance

Using our most advanced technologies, we’ve minimised space taken up by the Clarity Fuel Cell’s powertrain.

Interior detail

It all fits under the bonnet – a world first - achieving enough interior space to seat five with the same degree of comfort as a fossil fuel sedan. The size of a V6 engine, our stack punches above its weight with maximum output raised to 130kW and power density up 60% on our original model.

Miles ahead

You have two driving modes: Normal combines direct response and an exhilarating performance with fuel economy, while Sport puts more responsive acceleration at your feet. Refuelling takes no longer than with a petrol car, and the Clarity Fuel Cell gives best-in-class range of up to 385 miles (620km).

Interior detail

Geneva today, the world tomorrow

The Clarity Fuel Cell is about to become available to lease in Japan and then in the US. In the UK and Denmark, it will be introduced to select customers through the HyFIVE project throughout 2017.