Close up of Civic Type R Headlights
Close up of Civic Type R Headlights



Sleek, sharp aerodynamics deliver a thrilling and engaging driving experience, while the track-inspired upholstery and interior space – unique to the Honda Civic Type R – make it a real, red-hot hatchback.


The Type R dynasty

The Civic Type R performance hot hatch was launched in Europe in 2001 and its reputation flourished sporting the red ‘H’ logo. Four generations later sees the arrival of the first Type R range: Type R GT and Type R Sport Line.

The face of change.

The Type R GT has a purposeful look. From the front, the lower deck and the newly designed air intake side grilles show off its racing roots.

The perfect line

The Type R Sport Line flows from front to back. Advanced aerodynamics and a new bumper design present the uncompromising look of a car that loves to perform.






Check out the resemblance between the Type R GT and the Type R Sport Line.

Side View Type R GT
Side View of Honda Civic Type R Sport Line



Inside lines

The seats have been shaped to hold you firm and steady, so you can feel the car when driving in R mode. At the same time, for everyday driving, comfort is guaranteed with plenty of legroom for passengers too. The low seating position and detailed, eye-catching red interior for the Type R GT reflect its racing roots.

Road focused

There are dark sport seats for the Type R Sport Line that provide comfort and support in all driving conditions. The Type R may be totally focused on performance at times but can also adapt to suit every day driving requirements.

Feel the power

Naturally, the Type R GT has a racing car style steering wheel, which has been re-designed and wrapped with Alcantara to improve the grip and feel.

Feel the difference

To emphasise the Type R’s sporty nature – shifting up or down – the gear knob has been redesigned with a new ‘tear drop’ shape to improve shift feel and accuracy.

Better connected

Stay in touch with all the things you love, like family, music and friends.

Model using Honda Civic Type R voice recognition system.

Using voice recognition via Bluetooth®, you can access information such as playlists stored on your smartphone.

Using Bluetooth®, or USB connection, you can access information and playlists on your smartphone. You can also transfer your phone’s interface – via Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ – to the 7” touchscreen to access apps allowing you to make calls and send and receive messages when the car is stationary*.

More connections

The pre-installed internet-based AHA™ audio player also lets you connect to your favourite music stations, podcasts and news services. When the car is stationary, you can even watch a movie via HDMI.

Close up of Honda Civic Type R Honda CONNECT screen.

You can easily select the function you need from the icons displayed on the Honda CONNECT 7” touchscreen.

*Selected grades only. Android Auto™ availability is subject to change and may vary based on geography. Apple CarPlay features, applications and services may not be available in all areas and are subject to change. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 

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