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Civic 4 door street view
Civic 4 door street view


With an exciting 1.0 VTEC TURBO engine and a unique suspension system, you’ll experience an engaging drive through a 7-speed CVT automatic transmission.

  • Exhilarating VTEC TURBO power

    1.0 litre / 126 PS


  • Emphasise your efficiency with

    ECON mode


A desire to drive

A sporty drive with a smooth ride.

The Civic 4 Door comes with our new 7-speed CVT automatic transmission. It gives smooth, effortless performance; but you can go for a sportier gear change with the steering wheel-mounted paddles.

Close up shot of Honda Civic 4 door automatic transmission.

The Civic 4 door, with Continuously Variable Transmission, offers the choice of a fully automatic gearbox with the option of a paddle shift gear change.

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