2x 7 Series snowthrowers.

7 Series

It’s all in the drive

Equipped with professional features that make snow quick and easy to shift.

Our 7 Series Snowthrowers are powerful machines. With an advanced hydrostatic drive, as well as a host of other Honda innovations, winter will be blown away.

  • Clearing capacity


    Tonnes p/h

  • Auger width



  • Noise level



  • Engine power



Your snow angel

Snowthrowers that battle the blizzard.

It makes the landscape picture-postcard, but its beauty also brings a sprinkling of problems too. Snow makes life difficult. Our capable 7 Series Snowthrowers are perfect for snow up to 51cm high – that’s up to your knees. Shifting 42 tonnes an hour, they can clear an area the size of two tennis courts – under 30cm of snow – in just over ten minutes. Spare five for a hot drink afterwards.

7 Series being used by model, garden location.

It’s snowing features

Our 7 Series Snowthrowers are solid, and packed with ingenious ideas.

There’s lots of amazing stuff going on inside our snowthrowers – all working together so you get the best possible result. For example, they’re the first in our range to have a hydrostatic drive; it gives you the best possible handling of the machine's speed.

Not all snow falls equal

That’s why the height-adjustable auger is so useful. It lets you change the auger height for different snow conditions – be it waist deep or just a light but tough covering of ice, it’ll be gone before you know it.

Close up of 7 Series height adjustment.
Close up of 7 Series light.
Close up of auger.
Close up of tracks.

There are two 7 Series snowthrowers to choose from

Each with different features and clearing capacity.

Front three quarter, left facing HSS 760 T 7 Series. HSS 760 T Grippy tracks, hydrostatic drive and auger height adjust feature to move 42 tonnes/h.
Front three quarter, left facing HSS 760 TS 7 Series. HSS 760 TS Grippy tracks, hydrostatic drive, electric start, auger height adjust feature and remote chute to move 42 tonnes/h.

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The powerhouse

To throw snow as far 14m takes a lot of effort.

7 Series, being used by model, snow location.

It would take many people with shovels to do the job; even so, the Honda 7 Series Snowthrower with the GX200 4-stroke engine will do it in no time at all. This engine is as reliable as it is powerful and is designed with low noise, low vibration and low emissions in mind. It's perfectly happy to start in the cold, too. As a result, they’re the quietest, most comfortable snowthrowers to use. And because they consume so little fuel, they’re easy on your pocket, too.

Close up of engine.

The 7 Series GX200 can run for over an hour and a half.

When snow falls heavy

In the winter of 2010, the roof of the Metrodome sports stadium, Minnesota, USA, collapsed after bearing the weight of 17 inches of snow.

Just one cubic metre of compacted snow can weigh up to 100kg – and before you know, it can quickly build up and put a large strain on your structure. Melting ice can cause its own problems too: both leaks and ice dams on your roof can damage your property. To avoid problems with their flat-roofed buildings, Honda Snowthrower owners take to their roofs, where our snowthrowers’ grip and manoeuvrability shines.

7 Series being used by model on roof of building.

A warm feeling that lasts and lasts

The day you buy a Honda Snowthrower is the day you buy the best that money can buy.

Honda tailored cover.

That’s why we’ll back you with a manufacturer’s warranty that’s the best you can get. We’ll stick with you all the way, covering you for parts and labour. It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period too. That means the last day of cover is as good as the first – solid and reliable just like our snowthrowers.

Timing it right

This snowthrower is equipped with a unique hour meter feature, which tells you when your next service is due and when to carry out routine maintenance. Now, doesn’t that make you feel warm inside?

A 2 year domestic use warranty logo, and a 1 year professional use warranty logo.
Models in the snow.