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2014 Honda CTX1300


Soul meets technology

The CTX1300 is not your average cruiser.

Menacingly purposeful, with distinctive road presence and effortless V4 power, the CTX1300 seamlessly integrates style and technology. Twin-speaker stereo, dual panniers, Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS) and Combined ABS (C-ABS) all wrapped within a contemporary package. Who says form has to follow function?


Showing off the muscular V4 engine to the full, matched with aggressive angles and surfaces, the CTX1300 rolls a completely fresh attitude onto the tarmac. It’s built for all-day riding, with the low 735mm seat height and wide, swept-back handlebars giving complete control and a comfortable riding position. A short windscreen adds cut-down style and practicality, while dual rear panniers integrate seamlessly.

Custom Tourer, CTX1300, Location, Static, Candy Prominence Red, Front 3/4

Power to enjoy

The CTX1300’s 1,261cc longitudinally mounted 90° 8-valve V4 engine delivers an attention-grabbing 106Nm torque at just 4,500rpm, with crisp throttle response from advanced PGM-FI fuel injection. Rapid roll-on acceleration results from a mere flick of the wrist and tall ratios in the five-speed gearbox ensure a relaxed feel when cruising. Using uneven pipe lengths, the 4-2-2 exhaust system plays the V4 engine’s soulful tune as a backdrop to every ride. And constantly managing rear wheel grip is Honda's Traction Control System (TCS), seamlessly cutting power if it senses imminent loss of traction.

Custom Tourer, CTX1300, Location, Dynamic , Candy Prominence Red, Front 3/4


Ready for the long haul or happy cruising the city streets, the CTX1300’s abilities are broad. Providing massive strength and stability the steel double-cradle frame is guided by sturdy 43mm telescopic forks. The riding position is laid-back and long, just where you need it to be to watch the scenery slip by. It’s a comfortable motorcycle for a wide range of rider sizes and standard-fit 5-stage heated grips and Honda’s clever computer-controlled self-cancelling indicators add a touch of comfort and technology to your experience.

Black Honda SH Mode scooter front-threequarter view with rider. Right-facing (Road location).
Custom Tourer, CTX1300, Location, Static, Candy Prominence Red, Side