CBR600RR - Designed To Perform | Sports Motorcycles | Honda UK
Side on, right-facing Repsol-liveried CBR600RR.


Born to race

Bred to win.

Honda’s new CBR600RR has moved the Super Sport game on. Its razor-sharp handling, pinpoint accuracy and incredible power delivery are certain to make a difference to your ride.

Live for this moment

You can see the Honda RC213V MotoGP racer’s DNA all over the new CBR600RR...

The aggressive fairing, twin line-beam headlights, minimalist tail unit and centre-up exhaust. But what makes the CBR600RR truly special is how it performs. When the twist of the throttle is timed to perfection and the engine screams in harmony with your soul. When all of the sounds of the world are nothing but a whisper on the wind around you. When machine and rider are one. Live for this moment.

Honda CBR600RR motorbike front-threequarter view with rider. Right-facing (Road location).

A precise fit for a precise machine

Fine-tune your CBR600RR.

Looking for that extra something that will add more to the ride? To enhance your machine’s appeal even further, there is a selection of Honda Genuine Accessories available to ensure your motorcycle suits your style and every need.

Strong, tough, carbon-fibre front fender provides a superior finish for a superior machine.

Close-up of front wheel of CBR600RR.
Front-on view of headlights, handlebars, windscreen.

A tinted windscreen adds a touch of class.

Designed to perform

A larger tinted, sport windscreen creates a quiet bubble around you when riding at higher speeds.

All Honda Genuine Accessories are built to our exact specification – ensuring a precision fit, superior function and integrated design.



Raw power tamed in an instant

And if it looks fast, it’s because it is fast!

The 599cc, liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine not only drives incredibly hard to its redline, but is also flexible, punching out strong mid-range torque. Its remapped Programmed Dual Sequential Fuel Injection system (PGM-DSFI) delivers even sharper throttle response and feel, while the IACV (Intake Air Control Valve) now works at all rpm, for much greater sensitivity and control. It’s as if your right hand is directly hard-wired into this engine.

Honda CBR600RR motorbike front-threequarter view with rider, leaning into bend. Right-facing (Race track location).

Racing DNA

In 2003, the Honda CBR600RR entered the World Super Sports arena and instantly changed the game.

Side on, right-facing black CBR600RR.

The CBR600RR has the look of a focused track machine. Here, in graphite black.

It has been the Super Sports weapon of choice for 10 years, taking 7 World Championship titles and 9 Manufacturer’s World titles. We take our learnings from the track and apply them to our production bikes, and the 2013 CBR600RR is no exception.

Racing lines

Beautifully clean, the CBR600RR’s aerodynamic package is derived from Honda’s MotoGP race machines, with clear references to the current RC213V. Its lines echo the design of the factory race machine. It not only reduces drag but also improves stability and provides excellent wind protection. Speed, distilled.

Honda CBR600RR Repsol-liveried motorbike front-threequarter view with rider, right-facing (Race track location).
Rear 3-quarter view of CBR600RR. Tilted slightly, with rider.

2008 Championship winning CBR600RR race bike ridden by Andrew Pitt at Magny Cours in France.