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Rediscover your freedom

Discover a journey, discover travel and discover a commute like never before.

The combination of state-of-the-art engineering, storage capacity, fuel efficiency and striking naked style, make the NC750S the ultimate partner for those seeking the fun of the open road alongside the satisfaction of an effortless commute. 

more power to perform

With its seamless gear shifting and lightweight body, the NC750S has the agility to easily move through urban traffic. But what if there is no traffic? Well, that’s when the possibilities are endless. The updated liquid-cooled 750cc twin-cylinder engine gives responsive power, improved acceleration and plenty of torque from low down through the mid range – as well as an unmistakable big-twin sound. The 750cc engine offers 40.3kW power and 68Nm torque yet still boasts class leading fuel consumption. 

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More choice

The NC750S comes in two versions.

Right facing Honda NC700S thumbnail. NC750S With flexible, torquey performance and the versatility of the NC750S, everyday trips will soon transform into new and thrilling adventures. £5,999* * Includes first registration and road tax.
Right facing Honda NC750S thumbnails. NC750S DCT An all-round bike needs all-round control, which is why the NC750S is available with our innovative Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). £6,499* * Includes first registration and road tax.

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Gears have changed for good

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) works by giving you extremely smooth gear changes without any loss of drive - so you never miss a beat whether you’re riding to work or heading out for some fun at the weekend. And with the dynamic Sport (S) mode, a faster and sportier ride is instantly available at the flick of a switch.

The system works by automatically pre-selecting the next gear, so when you’re ready to shift the NC750S is ready too. Its refined transmission efficiency also delivers outstanding fuel economy.

MT mode gives full manual control, allowing you to shift with the handlebar trigger control buttons.

Black Honda SH Mode scooter front-threequarter view with rider. Right-facing (Road location).
Close-up of engine.

You can choose a more relaxed ride by selecting Drive (D) mode, or add some adrenaline with the Sport (S) mode.

more comfort, more confidence

From long highways to tight corners – when you’re riding every way, every day, you need a bike that’s practical as well as fun to ride. From its adjustable brake lever, providing the perfect fit for all riders, to its tough, protective windshield, the NC750S is built to keep you comfortable and in control all the way. Even when you’ve stopped, the NC750S makes you feel comfortable, with its slender frame and seat height of just 790mm making it easy to plant your feet whenever you need to.

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Selected to offer greater comfort and practicality over longer distances the optional Touring Pack* gets even more out of the NC750S. The fly screen ensures increased wind protection and greater riding comfort. More storage is within easy reach with the panniers and 45 litre top box. The main stand gives you added confidence when you reach your destination while the Akrapovic exhaust** balances the practicality by adding even more character to the NC750S.

*The Touring Pack is optional.

**The Akrapovic exhaust is an optional feature of the Touring Pack and must be purchased separately

NC750S accessories
NC750S accessories
NC750S accessories