Honda X-ADV Technology

Explore every avenue

It's streets ahead


Honda X-ADV logo.

A new breed

This motorcycle is not just for looks, it’s built with true off-road appeal and creates a whole new – and unconventional – category.

Built tough

A totally different motorcycle.

Close up of rear three-quarter facing Honda X-ADV.

The secure under seat storage is a real bonus when you’re running around town. Park up, flip up the seat, pack away the helmet and you’re free to go.

The X-ADV is built around a strong, completely new, tubular-steel chassis for firm and confident handling on different road surfaces. It’s also been created to provide a roomy 21 litres of handy, under-seat storage space too.

Long travel

The 41mm upside-down fork offers spring preload and rebound damping adjustment along with 153mm of travel, while the preload-adjustable Pro-Link rear shock offers 150mm. All this, matched with a ground clearance of 162mm, make it ideal for more than just a casual off-road excursion.

Stopping power

Braking on the X-ADV with ABS inspires confidence on less than perfect roads or wet conditions. It delivers strong, precise and stable stopping performance when you need it.

Close up of Honda X-ADV suspension.

Pro-Link rear suspension is featured for high levels of rider comfort together durability over the rough stuff.

Close up of Honda X-ADV front forks.

Front forks are fully adjustable to give you a smoother ride over all kinds of terrain.

Power to hand

An engine that really wants to go.

The X-ADV’s 745cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 8-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine puts out strong low-to-mid-range torque of 68Nm @ 4750rpm. This long-stroke motor delivers a rush of road-ripping acceleration from very low rpm; quite capable of leaving most other motorcycles standing at a traffic light.

Refined performance

Twin balancers on the crank shaft counteract vibration when the engine runs at higher revs, yet still allows a distinctive ‘throb’ and deep exhaust note delivered by the 270° firing order.

Extra economy

A single 36mm throttle body and PGM-FI feeds the exact fuel/air ratio to make the X-ADV EURO4 compliant. With fuel consumption that provides approximately 300km range, there's a lot of riding to do on a 13.1 litre fuel tank. 

Close up of Honda X-ADV exhaust.

The upswept exhaust provides a strong pulsing sound and good ground clearance, whilst retaining a slim appearance by staying close to the bodywork.

Rear three-quarter facing Honda X-ADV.

Plenty of torque to pull away from a traffic light or shoot up a steep hill.

Geared for everyone

A Dual Clutch Transmission with 3-rider modes.

Front facing Honda X-ADV.

There are two automatic modes and an MT mode for manual gear changes. Specifically built into the DCT for the X-ADV, the standard automatic D mode selects lower ratios compared to our other DCT-equipped machines. This is particularly helpful in town – using the engine’s torque – when you need to be that little bit sharper filtering in and out of traffic.

Six gears

How it works is not as complicated as you think. There are two clutches, independently controlled by their own electro-hydraulic circuit. One is for start up and 1st, 3rd and 5th gears and the other for 2nd, 4th and 6th, so when a gear is selected the gearbox disengages one clutch and instantly enages the other with no gear chanegs to make. You can ride the bike easily and it still feels like a manual, but with no gear changes - it’s quick and seamless as you go up, or down, through the gears.

Rear facing Honda X-ADV.

The X-ADV knows no boundaries, open road, dirt road or back street, it can take it all in its stride.

Front three-quarter facing Honda X-ADV.

Select the mode you want for cruising and the X-ADV Dual Clutch Transmission does the rest; just sit back and enjoy the ride.