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New for 2016, the redesigned MSX125 (Mini-Street Xtreme 125) exudes a sharper, edgier look.

The 2016 MSX125 retains the charm of the original design but with added attitude.


Honda MSX125, studio shot, facing left

New look for 2016

Experience supreme performance matched with confidence handling and a style that combines a sense of fun with urban edge.

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Attitude Redesigned

"Mini-Streetfighter" Feel

In 2013, the MSX125 (Mini Street X-Treme 125) was developed for a new generation of young riders.

Now returning for 2016, a thorough redesign gives the MSX125 an even sharper new attitude with an enhanced design that projects a streetfighter feel. 

The MSX125 is part mini-bike part motorcycle featuring well-proven and efficient 125cc fuel-injected engine for consistent power delivery.

Honda MSX125 being ridden on street

Small in Appearance, Large in Impact

MSX125 2016 Development

During the original development of the MSX125, four patents were applied for which were focussed on the split structure tank cover and frame. This rectifies the seriousness with which Honda created this new model. 

This year, experience MSX125 2016 following a comprehensive redesign, giving the bike a sharper new attitude and a original presence.

Honda MSX125 parked in an urban area with rider standing nearby

Endlessly Customisable


The MSX125 has already earned worldwide popularity.

It's quirky looks and handling usability have attracted a wide range of A1 licence holders, city commuters and every day adventurers, also gaining popularity as the perfect paddock bike for race teams across the globe.

Honda MSX125 being ridden in an urban area
Honda MSX125 being ridden under a bridge