CBF125 - A Sleek Commuter |125cc Motorbikes | Honda UK
Side on, right-facing red CBF125


The long running lightweight

Dependable and full of character.

The CBF125 has already established a reputation for comfort, high quality and remarkably low running costs. And it’s versatile enough to cope with a daily commute or a weekend ride. 

High value

Big-bike styling and build quality are combined with compact convenience and easy handling.

Top-quality suspension components add to the confident handling and plush ride feel, even when carrying a passenger. Raised handlebars and a low seat height make the CBF125 riding position natural and comfortable, allowing a clear view of the road ahead. The fuel-injected engine delivers ample power and torque, and will do up to 700km on a full tank.

Side 3-quarter view of white CBF125, road location with rider and pillion, left facing.

Stylish partner

The CBF125’s aerodynamic bodywork integrates an attractive half-cowl with a small, tinted windscreen that offers the comfort of wind protection at higher speeds.

Its raised handlebars and bridge have a classic Naked appeal and contribute to a confident upright riding position. In combination with its low seat, they offer a reassuring view of surrounding traffic. The CBF125 feels natural and comfortable to ride, and there’s also plenty of room for a passenger too.

Front 3-quarter view of white CBF125, road location with rider and pillion, left facing.

Genuine Accessories

Change it for the better with purpose-built accessories.

Close-up of rear section of CBF125, focusing on top box.

You may need to improve the carrying capacity, so how about a rear carrier and a cargo net? Then later you can add a 26L or the larger 35L top box for the winter. You choose. All Honda Genuine Accessories are made to the same high standards as our bikes, so they’re not only a great fit, they look great too.

Open top box, with bag inside.