2x Honda IZY lawnmowers, front-three quarter, right facing.


Taking the IZY way

The lighter more manoeuvrable mower.

The garden is a place to take things easy, even when you’re working in it. IZY mowers cover small to medium lawns and with self-propelled, single and SMART drive® versions they can handle larger lawns, too.

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  • Drive Types

    Push/Self Propelled

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  • Mulching

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A lighter touch

Why you should start with a Honda.

The smallest push-type IZY is only 28.5kg and is the lightest petrol lawnmower we make. For good reason too, because a push-type mower has to feel light and easy to handle. 

With single-speed models and now three new SMART drive® models – with accurate fingertip control – they are simple and a joy to use. You can turn in the tightest of spaces and reduce mowing time on larger gardens, too.

Honda IZY lawnmowers, close up of SMART drive, garden location.

The fine speed control of SMART drive®, the latest self-propelled mechanism with an ergonomic transmission lever. It provides you smooth touch control for greater accuracy around flowerbeds and borders.

Honda IZY lawnmowers, front-threequarter, left facing, being used by model, garden location.

Lightweight body

IZY mowers all have a strong, pressed steel, powder-coated cutter deck, which is resistant to rust and UV rays. This not only gives them a durable quality but makes them easy to clean and maintain. They really are the simplest type of petrol lawnmower to use. And now with added features like Versamow™ selective mulching, electric start and Roto-stop® on certain models, they are incredibly versatile too.

Honda IZY lawnmowers, front facing, focusing on steel deck.

The steel deck is finished in an attractive and resilient powder coated painting process.

You'll love the sound of this

IZY lawnmowers are powered by the famous Honda air cooled 4-stroke engine.

They are the best in the world. What that means to you is high performance, top fuel-efficiency and very low maintenance. These engines are perfect for IZY lawnmowers and with a recoil grip made from a soft material they are so easy to start. Complex gardens, where you need maximum manoeuvrability without sacrificing power, are managed with minimum effort. And, because this smooth running engine has such a low noise level, your neighbours will love you for choosing one, too.

Honda IZY lawnmowers, front-threequarter, right facing, being used by model, garden location.

Unrivalled anywhere

Our mowers are built better to last longer.

Honda IZY lawnmowers, right facing, garden location.

They just keep on going. That’s why we can offer you a rock- solid warranty for domestic use on our core range products covering both parts and labour.

The warranty is reliable too

It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. Solid and dependable – just like our garden equipment.

A 5 year domestic use warranty logo, and a 3 year professional use warranty logo.