Genuine Winter Wheels

Get a grip on winter

Using the right tyres for the right conditions will make your journeys safer and save you cash in the long run.

What you should know

The cold, wet weather has an impact on the performance of your regular tyres.
In fact, it is advisable to switch to winter tyres at temperatures below 7°C.

Winter tyres benefits

♦ Better handling and minimum braking distance
♦ Reduced chance of aquaplaning
♦ More comfortable ride and reduced noise



Find out more

Tyre and rim form one unit: the wheel. Choosing the right rim is just as important as the choice for the right tyre, to optimise the driving characteristics of your Honda. All our genuine rims are tested in accordance with strict standards, which results in exceptional performance.

For your convenience Honda has prepared competitively priced, fully assembled sets of winter wheels (rims and winter tyres).
There is one or more winter tyre available for each type of rim (please refer to the table in the brochure). 

Honda winter tyre brochure mockup.

Winter tyres are an investment in safety for you and your passengers, ask your Honda dealer for more information.