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NSX design

Designed from the driver out

Creating an intuitive link between human and machine took time; a lot of ideas failed. But we never lost sight of the pure NSX idea: to put you at the very centre of the car – body and soul.

Shaped to perform


White NSX logo

Purity of thought

A hybrid supercar that balances blistering track performance with real-world driving ability.

Continuous evolution

We didn't stop until we achieved perfection – no matter what it took.

The NSX had to instantly respond to human control. It's this single-minded ambition that meant changing our initial approach halfway through the project. It didn’t feel right with a V10 engine transversally mounted in the usual way, so we went back to the drawing board to design a longitudinally mounted V6 hybrid engine with twin-turbochargers.

With this dynamic change, it wasn’t just about the look and aerodynamics anymore, we had to manage the airflow for additional downforce and to cool the components. It meant the body had to be completely redesigned as well. The change caused tension at first but eventually brought the designers and engineers closer together.

Front close up shot of NSX
Rear close up shot of NSX
Side shot of NSX door and mirror
Side close up shot of NSX

Your space

You don’t just sit in the NSX, you connect with it.

Seats, door panels and the centre console are all shaped to hold the driver and the passenger securely in place. It’s a cockpit designed for comfortable everyday driving, as well as providing the physical connection you need on the track. Fit for all occasions, we've even thought about boot space, too – it has the largest capacity in its class.

Close up shot of NSX steering wheel

Ergonomically perfect, the steering wheel feels so natural, you’d think it was tailor made for you.

NSX interior shot

Designed for comfort and support at any speed. The Sport Seats come with a memory position as an option and will automatically adjust to a predetermined seating position.

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