Jazz Performance

A car that’s up for anything

What speed are you?

Illustration of Jazz fuel dial.

With petrol or hybrid, manual or automatic – you’re spoilt for choice. Our unique iVTEC engine technology is well known for combining high performance with low running costs.

Making the most of fuel

We can't make petrol cheaper. But we can make it last longer.

Interior -gear stick

Going further

Our innovative i-VTEC petrol engine intelligently improves performance and fuel economy as you drive. It varies the valve lift and timing inside the engine to continuously optimise and balance performance, making it a well-rounded engine that helps your petrol money go further.

Automatically efficient

Choose a Jazz with CVT automatic transmission and your engine has an almost infinite number of gear ratios to choose from, so it can always operate at the most effective speed. End result – you get an incredibly smooth, low-stress driving experience, complete with optimised environmental performance.

Jazz exterior, front  three quarter view

A sparkier drive

A bit more boost, a lot less juice.

With a Hybrid engine, the Jazz is an economical runner that doesn’t sacrifice on performance. The Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system allows the electric motor to work seamlessly with the already efficient i-VTEC petrol engine, storing energy and using it to improve both performance and economy.

Illustrative icons: engine, battery, power. Exterior side-on view of Jazz (thumbnail)

What drives you?

Choose the engine for your Jazz - then make it yours.

Whether you prize fuel economy, crave a responsive automatic or the low emissions offered by the Hybrid, Jazz has an engine option that's right for all kinds of driver.

*Fuel economy figures are sourced from official EU-regulated laboratory test results, these are provided for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving experience.

Jazz side-on image. Engine illustration.
Max power
Combined fuel consumption*
CO₂ emissions
  • 1.2
  • Manual
  • Petrol
90ps @ 6000rpm 53.3-54.3 mpg 120-123 g/km
  • 1.4
  • Manual
  • Petrol
99ps @ 6000rpm 50.4-51.4 mpg 128-129 g/km
  • 1.4
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
99ps @ 6000rpm 51.4 mpg 128 g/km
  • 1.3
  • Automatic
  • Hybrid
88ps @ 5500rpm 62.8 mpg 104 g/km

Always a pleasure

Jazz puts fun into everyday driving.

The tyres have low rolling resistance for improved momentum (and improved fuel economy). There’s spritely manoeuvring and stability. And the short nose and rear end give the Jazz a tight turning circle, helping you nip in and out of even the smallest of parking spaces.

Never idle, always efficient

No waste while you're waiting.

On the hybrid, Jazz uses its electric motor to assist power, running off the battery and helping to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. And why waste fuel sitting at the lights? On the petrol i-VTEC engine the idle stop technology turns the engine off when it's put in neutral. When you depress the clutch, it smoothly starts it back up again. So whatever Jazz you choose, you’ll know it's working hard. Putting the car into neutral when at a standstill triggers Idle Stop to turn the engine off

Traffic light illustration. Jazz exterior, front view

Lights go red. Car stops. Engine stops. Lights go green. Depress the clutch. Engine starts.

Jazz exterior, rear  three-quarter view, on road location

A lighter, more affordable drive

To help you drive more efficiently, the Jazz Hybrid offers the following Eco Assist features:

Eco Assist logo


Drive more economically over time and you’ll see the flower icon grow; simple feedback helps you develop a more measured, efficient driving style (hybrid model only).


Eco Assist provides subtle smoothing to braking and acceleration in normal situations – removing the rough edges that use unnecessary fuel. Of course, you can easily override it.


The dynamic dashboard can show you how efficiently you’re driving – right this second. The speedo glows blue whenever your acceleration and braking is harming fuel economy.

IMA display
Exterior: Jazz front view with illustration of Econ logo

Models shown are European specification.