NSX overview

A new breed of supercar

Agile efficiency, racing performance. We've used our most advanced technology to build the ultimate hybrid supercar.

A drive like no other


NSX logo

Hot to handle, the NSX is a lean performance supercar – tuned for racetrack and road.

Perfectly refined power

The 2015 NSX redefines its class with sport hybrid technology.

birds-eye view of motor

There are three electric motors. One for each front wheel, and another to aid acceleration, braking and gear shifting performance.

We’ve spent three years painstakingly redesigning the new NSX to create a completely new sports experience. Powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, the NSX also has three electric motors that help you unleash over 550bhp with instantaneous torque. For the city streets, switch to electric-only power to cruise with maximum economy.

Endless upshift

The electric and petrol power units are mated to a nine-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT). It delivers smooth and immediate throttle response and ensures the best possible efficiency at any speed.

Sculpted to stick

By concentrating as much of the mass as possible towards the middle of the car, the NSX has the lowest centre of gravity in its class. An ultra-rigid and lightweight multi-material body and fully independent aluminium suspension maximises handling, too.

High top view of back of red Honda NSX

Airflow is channelled over the rear deck to increase downforce.

Built by racing champions

A lot has changed since we first debuted the first NSX – but 25-years later, it’s still inspired by Formula One.

Back in 1990, we designed the original NSX to showcase some of our most advanced technologies – many born from the Honda Formula One racing team.

It was the first car from Honda with an all-aluminium body. And with Brazilian Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna as test driver and advisor, we tuned the car’s chassis, suspension and handling until it was fit for a true racing legend.


McLaren race car on track

Honda and McLaren have rekindled their legendary F1 partnership.

NSX coming around a bend with out of focus background

The first NSX was powered by a 3.0L VTEC V6 engine.

New era Honda

Now in 2015, it’s a new F1 season for Honda. We’ve built a brand new hybrid power unit too. Fusing combustion and electric power, our latest racing technology has helped shape the next breed of NSX supercar.

power unit

In 2015, hybrid technology powers both NSX and Honda F1.