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Civic Type R

Beauty at every angle

The Civic Type R turns heads wherever it goes. Every inch has been designed to enhance racing performance, too.


Show stopper, race winner

The Civic Type R is complete with aggressive sports design that takes first place for style.

Race control

The perfect seating position for a thrilling drive.

turbo engine

The Civic Type R’s low-down driving position combined with clear, sporty dials, means you can quickly and safely see essential information.

From the intelligent Multi Info Display (i-MID) controlled via the steering wheel, to the Honda Connect touch-screen infotainment system, every feature is positioned just where you need it.

Performance and style

Some of the Civic Type R’s sleekest features are on the inside. Sports bucket seats in red suede-like fabric, black roof lining, leather steering wheel, and alloy gear stick and pedals all lend the interior a solid, comfortable, and premium feel.

gearstick close up

The aluminium ball gear stick shifts through the six-speed gearbox.

Sports bucket seats in red suede-like fabric

Sculpted to glide

Each part of the Civic Type R has been beautifully designed for stability at high-speed.

Aerodynamics developed on the Nurburgring racetrack add a bold and sporty stance to the Civic Type R. The deep side skirts, sweeping lines, and sporty vents above the wheels and behind the arches channel air to increase downforce and improve cooling.

A mighty presence

The extreme splitters and sleek rear spoiler design also manage airflow to ensure the Civic Type R grips the tarmac, while the quad exhausts channel the throaty roar of the engine to the rear of the car.

A tail for stability

The huge rear spoiler improves downforce, providing incredible grip.

rear of car in night time
close up of exhaust pipe

Style and substance

Looks that draw attention – and improve performance.

close up of wheel red and black

The Type R’s wheels come with 18” brake disks on the front, 16” on the back.

Navigate the night with sculpted headlamps with integrated LED driving lights. And with its low sports mesh grille, piercing fog lights, and wide wheel arches, the Civic Type R cuts an aggressive profile.

Hot wheels turn heads

The Civic Type R’s chassis floats on a set of custom 19-inch Piano Black alloys. They come complete with 235/35 low profile racing tyres, which help the car stick to the road. The red flash of the Brembo calipers completes the racing look.

cropped version of car driving forward on road with headlights on. Showing from bumper to front door length

Souped-up style

Add the GT Pack for even more premium Honda features.

close up crop of bumper showing Type r logo

Parking sensors

Front and rear parking sensors guide you as you manoeuvre into tight parking spaces.

Automatic headlamps

Drive from dusk ‘till dawn – the light-sensing headlamps automatically illuminate when night draws in.

Automatic wipers

The rain-sensing windscreen activates the wipers when it rains, so you can concentrate on the driving.


Electric fold door mirrors

Keep your wing mirrors tucked safely away when parked in side streets and car parks with electric fold door mirrors.

Satellite navigation

Lose yourself out on track. Then find your way home with an integrated Garmin satellite navigation system.

Premium stereo

Turn up the soundtrack to your drive with a premium 212 watt, six-speaker stereo system upgrade.

Five colours. Your choice.

Classic racing paint finishes to match the Civic Type R's sporting heritage

Choose the colour for your new Civic Type R.

Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic

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