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Civic Tourer design

Travel first class

Designed for ultimate control, premium comfort. The Tourer's driving position ensures everything you need is a glance or fingertip away.


Luxury for the long haul, or the short hop.

Rear three-quarter view of Civic Tourer, boot and doors open.

The sporty and spacious interior has a high quality finish for those who want to drive in style and comfort. There’s plenty of room for you, your passengers and their luggage too.

Sharply shaped

Coming at you, or rolling past – the Civic Tourer cuts quite a dash.

Front three quarter right facing Honda Civic Tourer. Close up.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Tourer is built for sport. That’s because we’ve aligned the Civic’s sweeping style to the Tourer’s spacious frame. The result is an aerodynamic family car with a completely unique profile that doesn’t compromise style for space.

Floating roof

The windows around the Civic Tourer seem to make the outside feel that little bit closer. That’s because we’ve added a floating roof, which creates a band of window around the car for an almost uninterrupted view. The additional three quarters window offers you great rear visibility, helping give the car sleeker lines and better aerodynamics.

Rear three quarter right facing Honda Civic Tourer.
Honda Civic Tourer. Front facing.

Rear design

Aero wing, LED tail lights and LED stop lights all add to the distinctive rear design – and offer a safer rear profile on the road.

Rear facing Honda Civic Tourer.

Distinctive LED tail lights and LED stop lights accentuate the rear design.

We were even thinking about performance when we designed the rear light and back section of the car. We did this by turning it into a ‘wing’ with small 'fins' running down it to improve drag and aerodynamics. For the Civic Tourer this meant better control, less turbulence and improved handling.

Close up of LED tail lights.

Look the part

Make your Civic Tourer stand out - the way you want it to.

Bright and bold or dark and sophisticated, solid colour or metallic – pick the shade that makes your statement.

Crystal Black Pearl

Crystal Black Pearl Honda Civic Tourer. Side on.

Shaped for space

What you see is a miracle of versatility. There’s a ton of useful space, and loads of potential for the way you live your life.

View of boot space from passenger perspective. Boot open.

The new Civic Tourer allows everyone inside to enjoy the ride. Keeping its sporty exterior, there’s now more storage space and flexibility, so you get the best of both worlds − creating a well-balanced, stylish car that’s hard to beat.

Room to move

From decreasing load height by lowering bumper entry, to adding
convenient extras like an adjustable cargo net and a one-touch tonneau cover, we’ve made the interior as flexible and practical as life demands.
What you get is a class leading 624 litres of boot space, 125 litres of underfloor storage, and a maximum load area of 1,668 litres with the seats down.

Rear three quarter Honda Civic Tourer. Boot and doors open.

Low rear sill allows tailgate to open wide for easy loading of boot.

Safely under cover

Not just storage, but safe storage.

You’ll find many convenient extras to help you make even more of the space inside the Civic Tourer. Take the tonneau cover for example. One touch release for quick and easy access to all your things. And if you want to pack lots in, the cover itself packs away in a flash – no effort, no struggles.

Safe and secure

The Civic Tourer gives you extra peace of mind with its very convenient 125 litres of underfloor storage for your valuables. As you can see, we’ve made the interior as flexible, practical and secure as your life demands.

Split image: View of rear of Civic Tourer with open boot. Left side of image shows empty boot space with open tonneau cover. Right side shows closed tonneau cover, with suitcases.

A one-touch release tonneau cover gives you quick and easy access to your luggage.

View of rear of Civic Tourer with open boot. Image shows empty boot space with tonneau cover stowed.

Easy to store

When not in use the tonneau cover can easily be packed away out of sight.

Make yourself at home

From here to there – the Civic Tourer will make sure the journey is always a comfortable one.

The Civic Tourer is designed with comfort as well as space in mind. We’ve furnished the roomy interior with high-quality materials throughout, as you can see with the luxurious leather seat covers. And the leather steering wheel covers aren’t just for the looks; we put a great deal of thought into the best stitching pattern and positioning to give you the most comfortable grip. 

Close-up of front interior of Tourer, focussing on seat leather fabric.

Fuel economy figures are sourced from official EU-regulated laboratory test results, these are provided for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving experience.

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