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Civic 2015 Hatchback Design

Focused on control


Always the centre of attention – the Civic’s dash.

Rear facing Civic Hatchback.

The new Civic Hatch’s smooth and racy lines on the outside are complemented by the smart design on the inside; you can see everything on the dashboard at a glance – so you don’t have to take your eyes away from the road for long.

Feel good inside

You won’t want to be anywhere else.

Civic Hatch backseat interior view from exterior, seats folded up.

Whatever surprises life throws at your best-laid plans, you can rely on your Civic. Its comfortable interior has a high-quality finish that makes it feel, quite simply, a good place to be.

Always room in the back

The Civic’s effortlessly adaptable Magic Seats fold over, lift up and lock into place in one smooth action. With the rear seats lying flat, there’s a cavernous 1,210 litres of space to fill (including 70 litres of useful under-floor storage space). So no matter your load, there’s plenty of room for life’s demands.

Interior - boot open seats down
Interior - leather front seats

The 2015 Civic features new seat fabrics and stitching on the headrests.

Find your look

Bright and light, or dark and sophisticated - how will the Civic colour your world?

Choose a colour for your new Civic Hatchback

Crystal Black Pearl

Civic Hatchback Crystal Black Pearl

The looks to match the performance

We’ve introduced a meaner, more aggressively-styled Civic to the range.

The Civic Sport was developed by the same team that created the stunning new Type R.

And it shows. Dramatic new styling sees the grille incorporated into the racy new front. The colour-coded rear spoiler and the sporty 17” black alloy wheels add a much more dynamic appearance – and will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Civic Sport

From front to back, the Civic Sport shows its fighting spirit.

Front three-quarter facing Honda Civic Hatchback.
Front three-quarter facing Honda Civic Hatchback.

The Type R

The Civic Sport and the Type R share the same racing DNA.

Small refinements ...

...Big differences.

Close up of Honda Civic Hatchback headlights.

Take a closer look at an even sportier Civic Hatch.

Every design feature in the new Civic – from the bold and bright LED driving lights integrated into the sculpted headlights, to the wrap-around rear spoiler, has been created to give an unmistakably sporty look.

But it’s not all just for show. The car’s fluid aerodynamics help the smooth handling, and the powerful VTEC engine delivers an effortless and responsive drive with more fuel efficiency and less noise.

Close up of rear three-quarter facing Honda Civic Hatchback.
Close up of Honda Civic Hatchback spoiler.

Even the Civic’s spoiler has been designed with efficiency and economy in mind.

Fuel economy figures are sourced from official EU-regulated laboratory test results, these are provided for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving experience.

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