Jazz top features

Small on the outside
Big on the inside

Room for a pony. That's the Honda Jazz.

With plenty of boot space and Magic Seats that disappear, the possibilities are endless, whether you're helping the kids move out, or setting up camp for the night.

But we know big isn't always practical. So we made the outside small, making it easy to manoeuvre and park into the tightest of spaces — no matter what you're carrying on the inside.

An interior with a lot more to see

Inside the Honda Jazz, you'll find plenty to set your eyes on. Like our cleverly designed windscreen. It helps you get a better view of what's ahead, and allows more light in. But if you want to see even more, the panoramic glass roof* pulls back to reveal the sky above at the touch of a button.

  • *Available on EX, EXL and HX

Stand-out looks with outstanding function

Form and function. It's usually one or the other. But one look at the Honda Jazz and you'll see we've combined both. Like its updated bumper design and low-rolling resistance tyres — they help reduce air resistance and improve fuel economy. And the redesigned mesh grill and rear lights — they'll help you stand out better on the road. It's not design for design's sake — the Jazz looks good for a reason.

A choice of engine
that suits how you drive

Everybody's different. It's why the Jazz comes with a choice of engine — so you can pick the one that's right for you.

Take our petrol models. First decide on the power — either a 1.2 or 1.4. Both our i-VTEC engines offer lively performance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions, which will make you feel good on every drive. You can even choose automatic transmission on our 1.4 model for a more refined drive.

Or if petrol isn't your thing, why not try the Jazz Hybrid? It runs off a mixture of fuel and electricity — which will keep you going for longer. Then, where possible, it'll run off electricity alone, all while maintaining a lively, efficient flow of power. And to keep fuel economy at its highest, automatic transmission comes as standard, ensuring the most efficient drive ratio is selected to consume less fuel and release fewer emissions.

Integrated hybrid system
Optimum efficiency

The Jazz Hybrid's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system combines an advanced electric motor with a conventional petrol engine. Under some conditions, the Jazz Hybrid can even run under electric power only, using its Electric Vehicle (EV) mode. The result is improved fuel economy and a more refined drive. So whether you're accelerating, cruising or slowing to a stop, the electric motor and battery pack maintain a lively, efficient flow of power.

The Jazz Hybrid also comes with automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) as standard, which delivers optimum fuel economy and ensures the most efficient drive ratio is always selected. This means your Jazz consumes less fuel, releases fewer emissions and, ultimately, saves you money.

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  • Auto Express

One of the safest
cars in Europe

It's good to know you're in safe hands — don't you think? It's why we're proud to say the Jazz was awarded the 5 star safety rating this year from Euro NCAP — that's the highest award possible.

Designed to offer maximum protection to those in and out of the car, the body structure, technology and interior all work together to keep you safe.

Add to that safety features like ABS brakes, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist to keep you in control on the road, it's clear the Jazz is more than prepared for when you need a helping hand.

Drive better
at the touch of a button

See how you drive. Our Eco Assist system will accompany you around every corner. It'll tell you when you're driving well and when you could improve, helping you achieve better fuel economy — which means less visits to the petrol station, and more money in your wallet.

With you every step of the way — that's our Guidance Function. It monitors how you drive and shows you how well you're doing on the speedometer display. Brake or accelerate aggressively and the display changes colour from green to blue. Improve your fuel economy and the 'flower' emblem will grow. With the Guidance Function turned on, it'll be hard to put a foot wrong.

Top marks. It's nice to know you're performing well when you drive — so we introduced a scoring system. At the end of each journey you'll see an ECO score which is added to your lifetime score. The better it is, the more money you'll have saved on fuel and the less harmful you will have been to the planet.

Push the button. Go on, push it. If you do you'll achieve maximum fuel efficiency while you drive. When activated, fuel economy improves by adjusting the performance of other things, like altering the air con, extending the idle stop time and increasing regenerative recharging when you brake.

Seats disappear
as if by magic

Pick a seat. Any seat. In one simple motion you'll see it lift up and fold over, giving you space to carry anything tall, long or a mix of both.

You can rearrange the seats in 180 different ways — giving you enough room for whatever comes your way. A bicycle, an ATV or a Shetland pony — they all fit. We've checked.

You'll soon see there aren't any illusions here. Just clever Honda thinking.


Jazz wins the award for Carbuyer most reliable car 2015

Scooping the Carbuyer most reliable award 2015, the Jazz supermini has been voted one of the most spacious and practical small cars on the market. Whilst the Jazz has many positive attributes, one feature stands out more than any other - its reputation for reliability. Owners love them because they very rarely go wrong, it's not just anecdotal evidence here either - the Jazz has consistently topped the annual Driver Power customer satisfaction survey for reliability.

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Jazz wins the award for Carbuyer most reliable car 2015

Jazz named 2014 Which? Supermini Best Buy

Best of the lot. That's what 48,000 people decided across 57,000 cars in the Which? 2014 Car Survey. With its practical interior, low running costs and effortless drive, the Jazz proved that you won't find better when it comes to Superminis.

Jazz named 2014 Which? Supermini Best Buy

Jazz dominates Best Buy Supermini Charts

Coming first is always good. But first and second is even better. That's where our dependable Honda Jazz came in the Which? Car Best Buy Supermini chart — with the Hybrid narrowly beating its petrol counterpart to the crown. Our first generation model, released in 2002, also made it into the Top 10. Continuing to impress with reliability and handling, it's no surprise the Jazz remains a favourite among its owners from one generation to the next.

Jazz dominates Best Buy Supermini Charts

Jazz wins Britain's Best Used Supermini

It's always good to know that the cars we make are enjoyed beyond their first owners. And in 2012, the Jazz was named Britain's Best Used Supermini in the annual Which? Car survey. The Jazz's class-leading space and versatility, proven reliability, outstanding safety rating and strong resale value saw it come top of a very tough category.

Jazz wins Britain's Best Used Supermini

Most Reliable Car Manufacturer eight years and counting

When you see a car at the roadside, it's not often a Honda. That's why we're proud to have topped the Annual Car Reliability Survey for the eighth year in a row by What Car? and Warranty Direct. So you know when you buy one of our cars, it will keep going for as long as you want it to.

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Most Reliable Car Manufacturer eight years and counting

Jazz retains Supermini crown For the ninth year running

18,000 car buyers can't be wrong. That's the number of people JD surveyed for their views on the best Supermini, taking into account vehicle quality and reliability, appeal, service satisfaction and ownership costs. And, since 2004 Jazz has retained the number one position — that's a total of nine years at the top.

Jazz retains Supermini crown For the ninth year running

Jazz is one of the safest cars in Europe

To us, safety is key. Whether you're the driver, the passenger, or even in another car — we put your safety first. It's probably why we were awarded the maximum 5-star rating possible from Euro NCAP, making the Jazz one of the safest cars in Europe. So whoever's driving, you know you're in safe hands.

Jazz is one of the safest cars in Europe

Jazz crowned Most Reliable Car

98 per cent. You can't get much closer to full marks than that. It's why we took the top podium for Most Reliable Used Car in the 2014 Auto Express Driver Power Survey. Over 50,000 drivers voted on 150 cars before handing our Honda Jazz the number one spot. We really were top of the class.

Jazz crowned Most Reliable Car

Jazz Hybrid wins Parkers Eco Car Award

Not one, but two. That's how many years running our Jazz Hybrid has won the Parkers Eco Car award, in both 2011 and 2012. With its excellent fuel economy, low cost road tax and exemptions from first year tax, you could say the Jazz was sure to come out on top. Not once, but twice.

Jazz Hybrid wins Parkers Eco Car Award