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Honda Civic - angled front profile view
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    Airbags – safer than ever.

    All our Civic models are fitted with impact-reducing front and side airbags plus full-length side curtain airbags to protect both you and your passengers.

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    Adaptive cruise control -
    making motorway driving easy.

    Civic's advanced Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) may sound complicated but they make things simple - working together to make motorway driving that little bit more pleasurable. Here's how:

    ACC allows you to select the speed and distance between you and the car ahead, without having to constantly switch controls on and off. A radar set behind the front grille constantly monitors the gap ahead and controls the distance by automatically adjusting the throttle or braking if the gap closes.

    CMBS, a key safety technology, scans for vehicles in your path. If a car is detected it will prompt you to take preventative action and can also initiate braking to reduce vehicle speed.

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    A smooth and quiet ride - reduced road noise

    From the start of the project, our lead engineer decided - after a long journey home with his young baby - that the new Civic should be as quiet and smooth as he could make it. It took real road testing to deliver on that promise, because when we reduced road noise in one area it had an effect and impact on other aspects of the car. So we kept on testing until we found the optimum balance - the result lets you really enjoy every second of the drive.

  • Vehicle Stability Assist & ABS
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    Vehicle Stability Assist – correcting slips before they happen.

    Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) helps keep your Civic on course in adverse driving conditions by detecting and then correcting the potential to over- and under-steer. It adjusts the engine output, intelligently applying the ABS to each wheel. Sometimes the response can be so quick that instability will be corrected before you even become aware of it.

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    Headup display

    Headrests and Seatbelts – rest assured.

    The new Civic comes with whiplash lessening headrests and 3-point emergency locking retractor seatbelts (with seatbelt reminders for front and rear seats) that help to keep both you and your passengers safe and secure.

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    Body structure –
    improving the quality of the ride

    The new Civic's high rigidity, lightweight alloy body is designed to spread the weight of the car evenly to improve ride and comfort, absorbing any vibration evenly to make the ride feel smoother and improving performance.

Performance Design

Discover our quietest smoothest Civic.

Our engineers started with a clear vision, they wanted to build a car with impressive handling, and a smooth ride. So how did they bring this dream to life? Discover how comfortable a car can be…